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Pros and Cons of LED Lights

Over the years, we’ve witnessed tremendous technological advancements in light bulbs. Today, you have a variety of options for lighting your home or business. By now, you might have probably heard of LED bulbs and their unique eco-friendly proposition. LED bulbs are the gold standard for lighting but have pros and cons like all other […]

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child protection socket

How to Childproof Electrical Outlets

Whether you have your own children or have children visit or stay in your home often, you need to consider how safe your home is for little ones. One of the greatest risks in any home is electrical outlets. They are located throughout every room, at the ideal height to attract little children. While older […]

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What Do the Different Colors Mean with Electrical Wires?

DIY projects around your home can help save money. But when you decide to tackle your own electrical projects or repairs, you could run into some serious issues. Electrical wires are color-coded to make it easier to understand what purpose each wire provides. This is very important because your home is riddled with both “hot” […]

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Thinking About Solar Power? Here’s What You Need to Know

With the sudden emphasis on going green and working toward a sustainable world, solar power is on the rise. Solar energy is energy collected from the sun. It begins as thermal energy and is captured through solar panels (usually installed on the roof of your home). These panels capture and convert the energy into electricity […]

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christmas home decor outside view

Can I Leave My Christmas Lights on At Night?

Christmas is one of the best times of the year for neighborhood strolls and evening drives. With houses strung with twinkling lights, the holiday ambience is enough to put anyone in the mood. Lights are most visible at night, which causes many North Americans to leave the lights blinking well into the wee hours. While […]

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Why Does My Circuit Breaker Keep Tripping?

The occasional circuit breaker trip might not be too annoying. Sometimes you know when your circuit might be overloaded, and the solution is as simple as turning off something that is connected to the circuit and switching the breaker back on. If your circuit breaker trips frequently and, especially if you don’t know why, this […]

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electrical hazards at home

The Most Common Electrical Issues in Your Home

At Culpeper Home Services we’ve been serving the community in Culpeper County for a long time. Long enough to see that many of the exact same electrical issues pop up in houses repeatedly. Homeowners may be totally unaware that some of these electrical issues are even problems, especially the small ones. It’s important to address […]

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