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Electrical panels, breaker panels, breaker boxes—whichever term you use, these all describe the box in your garage, utility room, kitchen, etc. that houses the circuit breakers and controls power throughout your home.

Culpeper Home Services provides electrical panel repairs and replacements for properties throughout Culpeper County and surrounding areas in Northern Virginia. Let our licensed electricians diagnose your issue and present you with the best solution.

When is Electrical Panel Repair Necessary?

It’s easy to dismiss minor electrical issues. But they can potentially lead to fire risks or electrocution if mishandled or ignored.

Call us for electrical panel repair if you notice the following:

  • Lights flickering constantly
  • Frequent short circuiting
  • Breakers that feel hot to the touch
  • Popping/hissing noises coming from the breaker

Culpeper Home Services will diagnose the problem and carry out the right solution. Give us a call if you notice any issues with your electrical system. Immediate service will help you avoid power surges, circuit overloads, accidental fire, electrical shock, and other emergencies.


When Should You Consider Panel Replacement?

The above issues when considering panel repair also apply to replacement.

  • If your lights get dimmer or flicker whenever the AC starts running, or when you turn on the microwave, plug in the vacuum, or start to use other electrical devices...
  • If your circuit breakers are constantly tripping…
  • If you notice a burning smell coming from the panel...
  • If your panel is outdated and unable to meet your current electrical demands...

... contact Culpeper Home Services for an inspection! You will likely need an electrical panel replacement to prevent further problems from developing. We will check your system thoroughly and go over the best course of action.

Worry-Free Warranties on New Installations

We are so confident in our work that we offer some of the best warranties in town! If you need to replace and upgrade your electrical panel, Culpeper Home Services provides 5-year warranties on new installations. Any repairs or replacements needed within the warranty period receive free service.

Our team is committed to delivering the best service no matter the size of the job. From minor repairs to larger replacements, every service call we respond to is carried out to the highest standard. Our licensed electricians stay up to date on local building codes as well as the National Electrical Code to ensure your safety.

If you are unsure whether or not your electrical problem is caused by a damaged or outdated panel box, contact us to have the problem checked out and quickly resolved so you can regain total peace of mind. 

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Contact Culpeper Home Services today at (540) 845-3653 to schedule a free estimate on electrical panel replacements or repairs in Culpeper County. Your safety is always our number one priority!

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