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A burst pipe is a serious plumbing problem that requires immediate attention. But why do they occur?

Burst pipes are caused by:

  • Severe corrosion
  • High water pressure
  • Weakend pipe joints

Since the problem can quickly lead to water damage and flooding, burst pipes are considered plumbing emergencies and need to be addressed ASAP.

Culpeper Home Services is prepared to handle unexpected pipe bursts. We have 24-hour emergency plumbers based throughout Culpeper County and Northern Virginia, ready to be dispatched to your door at a moment’s notice. So don’t hesitate to give us a call—we’re here for you day and night!


Do Frozen Pipes Always Burst?

Since water expands when frozen, it’s easy to blame the freezing weather. But what actually causes pipes to burst is the thawing process. Unfrozen water rushing between a closed faucet and the ice buildup can put excessive pressure on the pipe and cause it to rupture.

It’s possible to thaw frozen pipes yourself. However, this must be done carefully and gradually. You will need to shut off your main water valve to prevent any more water entering the pipe. Then, wrap towels around the affected section of piping and pour hot water over it. Avoid thawing the middle of the pipe first; this increases pressure inside the line and can result in a pipe burst.

If you prefer not to handle frozen pipes on your own, give us a call for professional assistance. Our experts will safely thaw your pipes and check the plumbing throughout your home to make sure there are no other frozen pipes. We will also provide advice on how to properly winterize your plumbing and keep exposed piping safe from the cold.

What Happens When Pipes Burst?

Whether due to frozen pipes, corrosion, or deterioration, a burst pipe will quickly damage your home. Water can seep out of your ceiling and walls, destroying wallpaper, furniture, and flooring. This is why it’s imperative to shut off the water valve immediately after a burst pipe occurs; doing so prevents any more water from rushing out and flooding your home.

How Long Does It Take To Fix a Burst Pipe?

This depends on where the rupture has occurred and the extent of the problem. Is the affected pipe easy to access? Is it just one section of pipe or are several pipes affected?

In most cases, our emergency plumbers can get to your home within a few minutes of your call and fix the problem on the spot. We will locate the burst pipe and perform the necessary repairs and replacements as quickly as possible to help you regain a sense of normalcy.

Culpeper emergency plumber

Culpeper Home Services understands the stress of dealing with a burst pipe. It’s an incredibly difficult situation to experience and—between dealing with insurance claims and restoration services—will require quite some time to make your home livable again. We are committed to helping you tackle the plumbing side of the problem by providing immediate service and carrying out solutions designed for your long-term peace of mind.

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Fix burst pipes ASAP with help from Culpeper Home Services. Contact us at (540) 845-3653 and we’ll dispatch an emergency plumber to your door to get the problem under control.

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