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Culpeper County Real Estate Septic Inspections

A professional septic inspection is recommended every three years, or if you plan on purchasing or selling a property. Make sure you retain records of each inspection performed to help keep track of waste levels in your tank and any problems that were found.

At Culpeper Home Services our licensed septic inspectors will make sure your septic system continues to work efficiently. We carry out comprehensive septic inspections throughout Culpeper County, serving homeowners, real estate agents, homebuyers, and home sellers.

Is your property connected to a septic system? You will need to have it inspected if you decide to sell your home. According to Virginia law, you are also required to let potential buyers know that there is a septic system on the property, and to provide details on the health of the system and any maintenance needs.

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If you are a homebuyer, make sure due diligence is performed on your part by requesting an inspection (if one hasn’t been carried out yet). This will not only alert you to potential issues and save you headaches in the future, but it can also help expedite the loan process since many lenders require proof of septic inspection and certification.

Culpeper Home Services provides visual and full septic inspections. Visual (standard) inspections are often enough to meet most lender requirements. However, if you prefer more in-depth information, we recommend having a full inspection performed; this will uncover subtle issues and provide greater accuracy.

What to Expect From a Full Septic Inspection

A comprehensive septic inspection includes a full range of services:

  • Equipment inspections
  • Septic dye testing
  • Septic hydraulic load testing
  • Tank pumping
  • Distribution box excavation and inspection
  • Drain field assessment
  • Soil percolation testing

We will perform any necessary excavations and complete a full evaluation of your septic system to identify problem areas.

Issues we may find during inspection include leaks or system overloads.  

After inspection is complete, we will provide you with a report detailing the tasks carried out and any issues that were found. 

Why Work With Culpeper Home Services?

Our septic inspections are designed to comply with Virginia Department of Health standards. If we discover any problems with your system, we will discuss possible solutions with you. We take your safety seriously and will only recommend what’s best for you and your property.

Culpeper Home Services is committed to helping residents throughout Culpeper County achieve greater peace of mind through accurate and efficient septic system services. In addition to providing full inspections, we can also help you with septic tank pumping and cleaning, tank repair, and drain field installations.

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Haven’t had your tank pumped in a while? Need to have your septic system checked as part of a real estate transaction? Contact us today at (540) 845-3653 to request your next septic inspection in Culpeper County.

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