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Dreaming up plans for your bathroom renovation? Choosing fixtures and designs is the fun part, but you may start to feel frustrated when it’s time to think about the plumbing work involved.

This is where we come in! Culpeper Home Services provides complete bathroom plumbing services, including shower installations. We handle rough-ins for new constructions and basement additions, and will install your fixtures for you, such as shower heads, valves, and faucets.

Our Culpeper County shower installation experts work with your best interests in mind and will make sure you enjoy a smooth and pleasant experience throughout the job. Our commitment to providing customized solutions, personal attention, and high-quality workmanship have made us the top-rated plumbing company in Culpeper and surrounding areas in Northern Virginia!

Things to Consider Before Fitting In Your New Shower

A beautiful shower is useless without the proper plumbing. This is why we need to consider the water pipes and valves before installing your new shower.

Here are some of the things we will look into during our consultation:

Is your current shower plumbing leaking or damaged? You may need to install new pipes before anything else can be completed. Some homeowners also prefer to switch from copper to PEX piping. We will help you determine if pipe replacement is required.

Does the shower valve need to be replaced? If you’re having problems with your water pressure or there’s no water coming out at all when you shower, there is likely a problem with the valve. It may be worn out, clogged up, or it might have been installed incorrectly. We’ll help you replace the valve if necessary so you can properly enjoy your new shower.

Will you be relocating your shower? If so, we will need to make sure pipe rerouting is feasible at the desired location. A permit will also be required to perform any rerouting work (we will handle this on your behalf).

Are you looking to install a shower/tub combo? This will require additional plumbing work if you do not have an existing bathtub faucet in place.

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Why Choose Us

We are committed to providing transparent service with every job. Our experts will discuss the project with you in detail, including the scope of work, time frame, and all costs involved. You’ll know exactly what to expect before the project even begins!

When you work with us, you’re not simply getting a new shower installed—you receive a five-star customer experience. We listen to your needs, take the time to address your concerns, and present you with options that meet your exact needs and budget. Our consultations leave customers well-equipped to make the best decision for their home.

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Contact Culpeper Home Services today at (540) 845-3653 to discuss your bathroom renovation needs and receive a free estimate. Our shower installation experts proudly serve Culpeper County and surrounding areas.

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