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Advantages of New Construction Waterproofing

Planning to construct your new home rather than purchase an existing property? The benefit of building your own house is flexibility when it comes to installing new features. This means you can easily install a waterproofing system and start enjoying peace of mind right away.

Culpeper Home Services provides professional waterproofing solutions for new home constructions in Culpeper County. We help homeowners and developers throughout the area install the ideal waterproofing system. Reach out today to discuss your needs and learn more about our waterproofing process.

Extensive water damage can cause your home’s foundation to crack, which not only results in additional headaches and stress but is also costly to fix. We have encountered a significant number of older properties suffering from structural problems due to lack of an effective basement waterproofing system. By choosing to waterproof your home as it’s being built, you can avoid many of the issues that affect older homes.

Waterproofing existing homes creates a mess around the property. But when you waterproof your home during the construction phase, you don’t need to worry about trenching or damage to your property—all of the work is completed upfront.

The waterproofing experts at Culpeper Home Services will assess your needs and present you with the best options.

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Get the Right Waterproofing Solution

Building codes require the minimum when it comes to waterproofing; this is more damp-proofing than actual waterproofing. Damp-proofing can keep out moisture, but is often ineffective at preventing water from seeping into your basement through foundational cracks.

This is why we encourage homeowners to consider full waterproofing solutions when possible.

Waterproofing during the build phase allows us to provide more accurate results. We will secure a waterproofing membrane to the external walls, attach fabric mesh over it, and top it off with another layer of membrane.

Our experts can also help you install an appropriate drainage system. This includes setting up a sump pump in your basement and installing a drainage membrane to your foundation walls.

We use the best products and materials available, so you can rest assured that you will receive nothing less than quality results.

Contact Our Culpeper County Waterproofing Experts Today

Leave all of your waterproofing needs to us. Our team will pull the necessary permits, coordinate with the county on inspections, and make sure your waterproofing project is completed to code.

At Culpeper Home Services we are committed to providing upfront and transparent service. Our experts will always present you with an honest assessment of what needs to be done and make sure the scope of work is fully explained. We’re here to help our customers make the right decision when it comes to the safety of their family and their home.

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