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Carbon monoxide leaks are extremely difficult to notice on your own. You can’t smell it, see it, or even taste it. This “silent killer” is produced when fuel-burning systems fail to fully burn.

Is your home protected with the right amount of carbon monoxide detectors? You’ll need a device placed on every floor, ideally inside or directly outside all bedrooms. This ensures greater protection against CO poisoning while you’re asleep.

Culpeper Home Services provides professional CO detector installations and replacements for homeowners throughout Culpeper County and surrounding areas in Northern Virginia. Our licensed electricians will make sure your new devices are placed correctly and set up to work efficiently for whole-home protection.

You will need to have a carbon monoxide detector in your home if you have:

  • Fuel-burning appliances
  • Fireplaces
  • An attached garage


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Different Types of CO Detector Sensors

Carbon monoxide detectors come in three main types, each featuring different sensor technology.

Biomimetic sensors use a gel that will change color when carbon monoxide is absorbed; a second sensor processes the change and sets off the alarm.

Electrochemical sensors feature electrodes soaked in a chemical solution, which can detect shifts in the electrical current due to carbon monoxide.

Metal oxide semiconductor sensors feature a circuit-laden silica chip. When there is a CO leak, the circuits in the chip experience changes in the current, tipping off the alarm.

Different CO detector brands will feature different sensors. Our experts will install your selected brand, or we can help you review your options. Our goal is to ensure you have the best product installed to fit your needs and budget.

Carbon Monoxide Detector Placement

CO detectors should be placed in all areas of your home where you often spend time, including bedrooms, living rooms, dens, and offices.

Here are additional considerations to take into account before installation:

  • Make sure your new detector has been tested by Underwriters Laboratories or another qualified lab. This ensures that the device has passed all safety requirements.
  • Place CO detectors at least fifteen feet from gas appliances.
  • Don’t put the devices in bathrooms or humid areas, near windows, or in direct sunlight.

Our experts at Culpeper Home Services are up to date on local building codes as well as the regulations and recommendations of the National Fire Protection Association. We will help you make sure your CO detectors are placed in the right areas and installed correctly.

culpeper fredericksburg charlottesville electrician carbon monoxide detectors

Call the Preferred Electricians in Your Area

Culpeper Home Services provides a complete range of solutions for all of your electrical needs. In addition to carbon monoxide detector installations, we also perform panel box replacements, whole-house rewiring, surge protection, and more.

Your safety is always our main priority. All work is carried out to meet local building codes and the National Electrical Code. We will look for ways to provide you with customized solutions that meet your exact needs!

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