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Heat pump technology offers homeowners who are looking for cost-efficient ways to heat and cool their home a smart, long-term solution. A well-maintained and efficient heat pump can cut your energy use in half during the winter; they also work extremely well in controlling humidity in the summer.

Our experts at Culpeper Home Services offer professional heat pump solutions that include:

  • Dual-fuel and standard system installations
  • Part replacements
  • Heat pump troubleshooting and repair
  • System tune ups and maintenance
    Call today to schedule an immediate appointment for heat pump installation, repair, or replacement services in Culpeper County.

    Work With a Trusted Culpeper County Heat Pump Installer for Greater Peace of Mind

    How well your new heat pump is installed greatly affects the efficiency of your system. Poor installation practices are among the most common reasons for early system failure or recurring heating and cooling problems.

    Avoid unnecessary headaches and system inefficiencies by working with a trusted and qualified HVAC professional with experience handling heat pump installations and replacements.

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    Culpeper Home Services is committed to helping you enjoy a hassle-free experience. Our HVAC installers are trained and experienced in providing safe and accurate heat pump installation services. We will work closely with you to select the right system for your home and make sure your new heat pump gives you long-term comfort and efficient heating and cooling for years to come.

    Repairing Your Heat Pump

    Is your heat pump experiencing recurring or unexpected problems? Call our Culpeper County heat pump repair experts for immediate troubleshooting. We will take a close look at your system to identify the source of the problem and discuss the best course of action.

    Heat pump short cycling: This problem is typically caused by a damaged blower or dirty air filter. Regular filter replacement is crucial to ensuring the continued health and efficiency of your heat pump.

    Loud noises: Do you hear unusual sounds coming from the indoor or outdoor unit? Buzzing or rattling noises often point to loose parts or an issue with the fan motor.

    Frozen outdoor unit: The heat pump’s outdoor unit is designed to defrost automatically when temperatures reach a certain low point. This helps keep ice out of the system and prevents your heat pump from freezing over. If your heat pump has pre-existing issues, it may end up freezing since it will have trouble defrosting properly.

    Lack of warm or cool air: This problem can often be traced to clogged coils, low refrigerant levels, or issues with the blower. A professional inspection will uncover the source of the problem and allow our experts to present you with an accurate solution.

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