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If you use your garbage disposal every day, you know how easy it is to take your device for granted. But when it suddenly stops working, the problems become readily apparent! Your trash can fills up much more quickly, your kitchen drain might get clogged, and lingering odors create an unpleasant experience whenever you enter the kitchen.

More handy homeowners may want to tackle garbage disposal problems on their own. However, if you would like to ensure an accurate repair or installation, call our licensed plumbers for help.

Culpeper Home Services provides professional garbage disposal solutions throughout Culpeper County. We will present you with options for repair or replacement and recommend the best service depending on your particular needs.

Choosing Between Repair and Replacement

The decision to repair or replace your device ultimately rests on your preferences as well as your budget.
Look out for these symptoms of inefficiency in your garbage disposal:

  • Leaks in the device
  • Strange noises while running
  • Device often needs to be reset
  • Odors linger even after cleaning

Clogging or jamming in garbage disposals are common problems and easily fixed. We typically perform repairs on devices that are still under warranty, as this will be the most cost effective option for you.

However, garbage disposals that are over 10 years old and frequently breaking down will need to be replaced. In older units, problems are likely to return despite repair.

Contact our Culpeper County garbage disposal installation experts to find out whether repair or replacement is necessary for your device.

Why Does My Garbage Disposal Smell?

What Kind of Garbage Disposal Should You Get?

If a new device is needed, we will order a quality product for you and make sure it’s connected properly.

But before we get started on replacement, you will need to decide what kind of garbage disposal you prefer. There are two types: continuous feed and batch feed. Both differ significantly in function and ease of use.

Continuous Feed

Your current garbage disposal is likely a continuous feed model. This is found in most homes and is what many people think of when they begin looking for a new device. Continuous feed garbage disposals simply need to be switched on, and you can drop as much food waste as needed while the device continues to run.

Why it’s great: Continuous feed devices are easy on the budget and extremely convenient to use. This is the most popular type of garbage disposal with several brands and models to choose from.

Things to consider: You will need to be more mindful while the device is running and avoid dropping utensils or other items down the drain. Continuous feed devices also operate better with running water, which may drive up your water bill.

Batch Feed

Batch feed garbage disposals are less common than their continuous feed counterparts. They only operate when a dedicated cover is fitted over the drain—this is how the device turns on.

Why it’s great: Households with small children will find batch feed garbage disposals much safer, since they won’t run without the drain cover and can’t be turned on by flipping a switch. You also won’t have to worry about your jewelry, utensils, or other important objects accidentally falling in while the device is running.
Things to consider: Batch feed garbage disposals require a larger upfront cost. Some models run more than double the cost of continuous feed units. And since the drain stopper prevents you from feeding scraps continuously, batch feed devices may be inconvenient for households with a large amount of food waste to grind.

As a result, we recommend continuous feed garbage disposals for households that prefer convenience on a budget, while batch feed devices are ideal for those with small children and those who prioritize safety.

Culpeper Home Services will help you select the best type of device for your household’s needs so you can return to your normal kitchen routine ASAP!

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