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Do you live in an older home? We love the charm and character of older properties. But with age comes plumbing problems as well!

If your home still has its original piping from more than 50 years ago, you are likely experiencing frequent plumbing problems that include clogged drains, pipe leaks, and low water pressure. Problems that persist will need to be resolved by repiping.

Culpeper Home Services provides whole-home repiping throughout Culpeper County and surrounding areas. Our services are designed to eliminate your plumbing problem for good, so you can finally enjoy the peace of mind you deserve!

When Do You Need to Consider Repiping Services?

Drain clogs and leaking pipes do not necessarily mean you need to repipe your entire house. We will look at the overall state of your plumbing system before determining what’s best for your home.

Do You Have Galvanized Steel Pipes?

Homes that were constructed before the 1960s likely have water lines made of galvanized steel. These pipes are coated with zinc to prevent rust and corrosion. This was the preferred standard back then, but today these pipes pose safety issues and can weaken your home’s foundation if they are damaged. That’s because the zinc coating that was used to keep the pipes free of corrosion actually destroys the pipes over time.

If you notice rust in your water or have been putting up with low water pressure for a while, contact us to have the problem checked out. You may have galvanized steel water lines and will need to have them repiped as soon as possible.


Are You Experiencing Frequent Plumbing Problems?

Isolated plumbing issues such as a clogged kitchen sink aren’t an immediate cause for concern. It’s likely we can remove the blockage and your plumbing will return to normal afterwards.

However, if you are experiencing a variety of plumbing issues at once, and the problems have been affecting your home for quite some time, we may need to take a closer look at your overall plumbing system.

Older, deteriorating plumbing lines often create a combination of problems, including:

  • Reoccurring drain clogs
  • Steadily increasing water bills
  • Water leaks in multiple locations
  • Sudden change in water pressure

If you are constantly calling for plumbing repairs, it might be time for a whole-home inspection to determine if repiping will solve your problems once and for all.

What to Expect When Repiping is Recommended

Although repiping involves some construction work and may seem stressful at first, Culpeper Home Services will make sure your project goes smoothly and that you are constantly updated on the progress.

Before any repiping work is carried out, we will first inspect your plumbing lines to identify the cause of the problem and determine the best course of action. This helps us figure out if a whole-home repipe is needed, or if just a section of piping needs replacement. We will then obtain a permit from the city to move forward with the project.

The timeframe for repiping varies and will depend on the size of your home. A typical repipe in a single-family home will take 1–2 days. A permit may need to be pulled and an inspection may be required once work is complete. Culpeper Home Services is not responsible for any drywall repairs due to holes made that were required to complete repipe work. The entire process, including any inspection needed, may take up to a week to complete.

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If you live in an older home with failing water lines, contact Culpeper Home Services to have the problem inspected. Whole-home repiping may be the solution you need. Call (540) 845-3653 to schedule your free estimate in Culpeper County and surrounding areas.

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