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You may find yourself with a water line issue during the course of homeownership. Problem signs include an increase in your water bill, rust or discoloration in your water, and unexplained leaks in your basement.

Broken or leaking water lines require immediate attention to prevent further damage to your home. Fortunately, the issue is easily resolved with the help of a professional plumbing team.

Culpeper Home Services will identify the source of the problem and fix it using safe, proven methods. We’re local plumbing experts with decades of experience handling water line repair and replacement for Culpeper County residents. Give us a call to discuss your needs and get your home back to normal!

Fixing a Water Line Break

If there’s a break or leak in the water line, it’s the property owner’s responsibility to handle the section of pipe running between your home and the public service line; the utility company is responsible for the section between the public line and the water main running under the street.

Water line problems are often caused by corrosion or disturbance from construction work. A professional plumbing camera inspection will pinpoint the affected area and allow us to determine whether a repair or full line replacement is needed. If the problem is limited to a certain area of the service line, we will carry out a repair by changing out the affected section of piping with new material.

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Installing a New Water Line

If you live in an older home (built over 50 years ago), or you’ve been experiencing the same drain and plumbing issues for several months or even years, you may need to consider water line replacement. We will present you with options that include traditional trench methods as well as trenchless alternatives.

While it may seem more convenient to opt for trenchless water line installation, keep in mind that the success of trenchless methods depends on several factors, including ease of access to your water line and the integrity of your existing pipes. This method may not be the right solution to your particular situation. We will go over your options in detail to help you determine the best course of action.

Popular replacement pipes for underground water supply lines include PEX, copper, and CPVC. Our team will discuss the advantages and differences between these materials and help you install the type that is best for your home’s needs.

What to Expect When You Work With Us

We understand that choosing to have work done on your water line isn’t a decision to be made lightly. One of the first things on your mind is probably: how much does it cost? This depends on several factors. We take into account the state of your existing pipe, how easy or difficult it is to access the line, what caused the problem, and the type of pipe used for replacement. Give us a call—we’ll be happy to discuss your specific needs and come by to provide a more accurate estimate.

Benefits of working with Culpeper Home Services:

  • Fast response—We cover a broad service area throughout Northern Virginia and have experts in each location ready to be dispatched to your door for same-day service.
  • Job done right the first time—The job isn’t finished until we’re confident in the quality, so you only receive the best results.
  • Peace of mind—We take pride in our work and pay attention to every detail to ensure your safety and long-term peace of mind.

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